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GRP Pipe Installation


Delivering and installing of GRP pipes in appropriate way, are the guarantees of a long service life. Engineers and contractors should know that GRP pipes are designed for appropriate bedding and installation conditions. Engineers arrive at a conclusion that compressible granule materials are appropriate for bedding, by courtesy of gained experience. In this document, general information about installation will be given, so the projects which are designed by engineers must be corresponded. In the project stage, especially on design of underground pipes installation guide can be used as a source.


Standart trench conditions are shown below. Trench width must have a range that is appropriate for replacing the pipes to ensure the appropriate compression to be done and support pipe edges sufficiently. Installation depths given in this document are set depending on acception that trench width is 1,75 of pipe diameter. It is possible to install up to trench width of 1,5 x DN, however installation depths will be different in such situation. If your installation conditions are different than these values please ask for help to SUPERLIT technical support.


Trench base must be covered with appropriate material to perform correct, smooth and constant installation.


After installation of each pipe, maximum vertical deflection value must be controlled. This method is very easy and speedy.


Permissible maximum initial deflection is %3 for pressurized pipes, and %6 for non-pressurized pipes. These values are valid for all rigidity types. The pipes, which are installed different than these limits, may not perform desirable effectiveness. DN = 300 3 %


If there is constant traffic load, all of the filling area must be compressed excellent. It is possible to decrease minimum installation depths for specific situations by concrete bedding.

Traffic Minimum (Wheel) Bedding Load Depth

Vehicle Type Kilo Newton lbs. force meter
AASHTO H20 (C) 72 16.000 1.0
BS 153 HA (C) 90 20.000 1.5
ATV LKW 12 (C) 40 9.000 1.0
ATV SLW 30 (C) 50 11.000 1.0
ATV SLW 60 (C) 10 22.000 1.0